Clear or Cloudy?


The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans about 4 degrees. It started to lean back in 1178, shortly after construction started. The soft foundation has been stabilized now and the leaning has been halted. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
There is a 15th century church in Suurhusen, Germany that leans almost 6 degrees, but no one has ever heard of it. Why is this? 

People don’t relate to it like they do the Tower of Pisa. Galileo Galilei conducted a brilliant marketing strategy (disguised as a scientific experiment) using the tower – it cost the owner nothing.


TODAY, sales messages must contain more than hard sell.
They must connect with the potential customer emotionally and pragmatically.  This may be why the tower in Pisa, Italy has become so well known.  People are intrigued by its lean. It has personality! The story is important.

THIS may be WHY your message is not getting across, why your product isn’t competing well.  Perhaps your products or services don’t have personality that your customers can identify with. They don’t picture themselves using your product or service.  They forget the name of your product and remember your competitor’s.

We can help.
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The Crookedest Street in The World was never designed to be an international attraction– merrily an impossibly curvy street with landscaped gardens. 
It became an important tourist draw for San Francisco, a continual headache for residents who live on it and the best traffic calming device ever invented.
Unintended Consequences.

Lets make your product or service appear unique like this winding street so customers flock to it!!  Take a chance – CALL ME!

Why should I use your company?
We can start now. We think our creative energy and ideas will surprise you.

Sometimes the best marketing results come from out-of-context ideas applied to new markets. (Visualize babies selling investment products.) We are marketing here.

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