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Wisconsin Man Discovers Secret and Saves Hotel

How a Tiny Boutique Hotel in Milwaukee Ranked Ahead of All The Big Chains

A 100-Bed boutique hotel in Milwaukee has pulled off a marketing tour d force, becoming the 11th ranked hotel in the country in 2010 (TripAdvisor), and all without spending a cent on traditional advertising. How did they do it, you ask?

Tim Dixon, the developer who turned a 100 year old factory into the mid-market hotel sensation, says he made sure that he was providing quality, value, good dining and other services and features to his customers that his local market would appreciate. He took advantage of email marketing and social media to create a strong following from local neighbors in Milwaukee. In the process, he has given us a cutting edge hotel marketing manual. Actually, what he did can be applied to any situation where products or services are being marketed. No doubt he gave his customers real value compared to other hotel marketers in the Milwaukee area.

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