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The Strange Allure of Donald Trump

Why is the Donald so irritatingly attractive to a large group of Americans?  A question that the media and his opponents are visibly stumped over.

Trump has made many missteps and ugly comments, but a considerable group of Americans see him as a non-politician who is visibly upset with Washington today and is trying to do something about it. In fact, spending his own money, to do something about it. In some respects he reflects concerns that they feel strongly themselves.

Instead of playing the politico-media folks as usual, he is throwing ugly comments at the broken system and broken politicians. And the public is cheering it. He shows a visceral distaste for Washington politics that, unfortunately, represents, more and more, the shortcommings of our representative government.

Trump as an outsider and private citizen, is fully subject to the state and federal laws that we all try to follow today. He is not protected by a political layer of government bureaucrats who warp the laws to create an antiseptic environment for a party candidate. The public observes special treatment like this and is disgusted.

Americans traditionally cheer the underdog, but once they see that dog begin to receive special treatment from government agencies, special protection from a one-sided press, they find another underdog.

An interesting pattern surfaced regarding press treatment of the once-great golfer Tiger Woods.  Until he lost his underdog and favorite player status with the American public, the press could care less about the fact that he had lost his moral code. Once the press saw the public abandon the media myths they handed them, the press was relentless in digging up examples of his bad behavior. Their change in support, of course, had nothing to do with the honesty or fairness of the media or its subject, but everything to do with media marketing and politics.

These kinds of inequalities fuel the Trump bandwagon.

Trump-followers might hope to find another candidate with smaller baggage whom they could root for, but where are they? Very few potential candidates on either side, other than Trump, have given the public any policies or plans to chew on.

Geoff Wood