Adventure for Young Readers

On Amazon Books you will find a new adventure story for middle grade kids (9-12) about a 12 year-old boy named Alex and a black bear cub that he meets one day in the mountains. By sheer coincidence they run into each other several more times saving each other from near tragedy.

They become friends, the bear cub filling the vacant spot that the death of his dog left in Alex’s life. It is only after becoming good friends that Alex realizes he must destroy the relationship they have built, to save his friend’s life.

Cross-species friendships in nature are unusual, but not unheard of. Reports of friendships between dogs and elephants, goats and horses, turtles and geese are now becoming more common.

While this story is fiction, as our planet gets more crowded, we will need to take a new look at our relationships with animals of all types so that we can live together harmoniously in the same habitat.

Geoff Wood

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