Geoff Wood
For the past twenty five years, Geoff Wood developed and produced many successful commercial and residential real estate projects in the San Francisco Bay Area by creating well-designed, marketable projects that were attractive to users. Once users became interested in the space, investors and lenders followed.

During this period, Geoff won local and national design awards, and awards for historical preservation (LEED today), for both new and renovated projects.

Today, Geoff is focused on marketing strategy. How the content and tone of online marketing determines the success of a program.  Geoff has noticed that potential customers click to find answers. No information – No Clicks – No Sale. Success often follows once the buyer’s needs are well understood. This happens when the market of buyers out there starts connecting with the client company’s story, it’s personality.

In the past we have helped CAD rendering providers get their message across to the architectural and construction industry. Helped builders and architects better understand the needs of city planners and commissions. We work for individuals, corporations and businesses who want movement.

Geoff Wood Marketing
2760 Baker Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 921-5577

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